10 Things To Do In Virginia's Blue Ridge – Roanoke Travel Video

June 17, 2021 Off By admin

10 Things To Do In Virginia’s Blue Ridge – Roanoke Travel Video

I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t really know much except about Virginia’s Blue Ridge and the Roanoke Region except for the Blue Ridge Parkway, but there is SO much more going on in this region! Here are 10 awesome things to do when you visit!

1. Hike to the Roanoke Star
2. Bike the Greenway
3. Center in the Square
4. Kayak the Upper James River Trail
5. Visit Black Dog Salvage
6. Explore Park
7. Cheers Trail and Moonshine Tasting
8. Check out the food scene
9. Taubman Museum of Art
10. Get out on Smith Mountain Lake

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