Billionaires 15 hottest travel destinations for 2019

May 2, 2021 Off By admin

Investing in travel is becoming an increasingly popular way for the ultra-rich to signify their status – and they’re extending it far beyond the classic idea of a holiday. 

Nowadays, the super-rich are taking months-long, multimillion-dollar trips to recharge or reconnect with their families because they are often worn out. 

These holidays can take shape of extreme adventures, luxurious getaways, and educational excursions.

But just where are these billionaires headed? The boutique luxury travel agency, Original Travel, which plans trips for high-net-worth individuals, has helped to compile a list of the hottest spots where the elite are traveling over the course of this year. 

It based its findings on the number of bookings made and performance – and included assessments of feedback, the agency’s expertise, and client inquiries. 

It turns out billionaires have a real taste for adventure this year. While a few classic destinations made the final list, such as Britain and France, far-flung countries – from Rwanda to Myanmar – made an appearance among the most popular places, too.

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