Last minute travel: How To Find Last Minute Travel Deals

June 16, 2021 Off By admin

Last minute travel: How To Find Last Minute Travel Deals

With fuel prices continuing to skyrocket you might think it’s impossible to have a bargain vacation. Not true, says Travelocity’s Genevieve Brown, who has tips for last minute travelers.

How To Find Last Minute Travel Deals
* First, be open-minded and flexible about your destination and means of travel: think about vacations that don’t involve airfare—its hard to find empty seats at the last minute.

* If you do want to fly, consider looking for a trip based on theme, not location. So instead of having your heart set on Miami, focus on a general beach destination instead.

* You can find last minute travel deals by booking travel to eastern European cities such as Croatia rather than more expensive western European cities.

* Think about places that you wouldn’t normally consider in the summer months. The Caribbean, Hilton Head and Las Vegas have great deals during their off seasons.

* Find a family destination within your budget. All-inclusive resorts offer good bargains for last minute travel as you’ve paid one price already for the entire trip.

* There are great last minute travel deals on cruise lines. If you live in or near a port city, that may be a great option.

* Like an all-inclusive vacation, cruises are similar in that they include transportation, lodging, all meals and nightly entertainment. You can find last minute travel bargains to fit any budget, however, many are now adding fuel surcharges.

* National Parks let you tailor your vacation. You can make it as simple as staying in a tent, or as luxurious as staying in four-star lodge.

* Travel mid-week. Generally the best airfares are on Tuesday and Wednesday.