The 5 Best Gay-Friendly Countries To Move To

July 12, 2021 Off By admin

All around the world, communities exist where the culture is one of acceptance and friendliness toward LGBTQ+ individuals and issues and where legal protections exist. Our correspondents based in Latin America, Europe, and Southeast Asia highlight a selection of them, which includes destinations like Montevideo, Uruguay; Madrid, Spain; and Hanoi, Vietnam.

The same attributes that make a place attractive to any prospective expat—things like warm weather, a low cost of living, natural beauty, sound healthcare, and plenty to do—these come into important play, no matter what. But in this report, we consider a selection of our top-recommended destinations through an LGBTQ+ friendly lens to shed some light on specific communities that demonstrate particular welcome.

In all, International Living correspondents have highlighted 13 gay-friendly destinations—in Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia—ideal for vacation or retirement. Five of the best include:

– Costa Rica
– Vietnam
– Spain
– Uruguay
– France


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